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[26 Feb 2014|03:41am]
I never envisioned this future for myself.
Shit man, I'm 28 years old. The past ten years have been filled with a string of awful, no good, horrible relationships- then with a string of pretty nice relationships that just truly weren't satisfying for me.
Now, with him, everything makes sense. I can't talk about it without sounding cheesy, but he's the right amount of good and bad for me. We've been through so much together, and he's been apart of my life since I was 13 years old.
It's refreshing to feel like we honestly know each other.

After all this time- here we are.
How fucking crazy is this?
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What an exciting turn of events. [25 Feb 2014|12:43am]
My birthday was last Thursday on the 13th and Steveo and I spent the night in San Francisco. It was a really great time, we spent the day walking around enjoying the fresh air and each others company. We had reservations at a nice French place later in the night. The food and wine were both pretty good, but everything was made better when Steveo asked me to marry him. It happened so fast and casually considering our surroundings. We were in the middle of a pretty standard conversation when he just blurted out "do you want to spend your life with me?" I was caught off guard and responded "what?" and he took out the ring- Ohhh the ring! it's so beautiful. It is my mom's old ring- little diamonds all around the band with one perfectly shaped big diamond in the middle (two small hidden diamonds as well). It is the most gorgeous ring, and I really like that it's second hand. It fits like a dream.
I, of course, accepted his proposal and things have been amazing ever since. We went back to our hotel room after dinner and had the best sex of my life. Twice.
I've never been engaged before, I can't believe how good it feels. I'm so in love with him, it's overwhelming. The wedding won't be for another year and a half- we've chosen to get married on Halloween 2015.
I never thought I'd be planning a wedding, but here I am, and it's been fun so far. Our families have been so wonderful and welcoming, so excited and on board, I really can't believe how perfectly this all seems to be coming together.
This is all pretty crazy and amazing. I don't remember a time that I've felt happier.
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[19 Oct 2013|01:54am]
[ mood | loved ]

He fuels my crazy late night impulses. It's nice how he focuses on me without making me feel selfish.
The boy is just god damn amazing.

It's been over a year and I cannot believe how in love I am. I cannot believe how much I trust him. He's the best person I've ever known, and I am over the moon! and honored that he loves me back.

Never knew it could be this good.

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[15 Jun 2006|11:00am]
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